Auction Page

*Registration online is required to participate in live and silent auction

Mobile Bidding Tutorial

How to Bid

Step 1: Login

To log into the bidding application, simply
enter your bidder number in the box and tap
GO. If you don’t know your bidder number,
try entering your cell phone number and tap

Step 2: Confirmation

Once you tap Go or if you received a welcome text, you will be directed to this confirmation page. Tap Yes to complete your login. (You may be required to enter a password.)

Step 3. Home Screen

This is your home screen. From here you can view all items, search for a specific item, or make a donation for the fund-a-cause. You can also add your credit card at any time by tapping the link in the banner below your name.NOTE: If you are ever lost or need to return to this page, simply tap on the house icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 4. Menu

By tapping on the MENU button in the top left of the screen, you will open up a menu that lists the different categories that you can search by. This includes No Bid Items and items that you can Buy Now. You can also look at MY ITEMS, those you are winning and losing, as well as those items that you have marked as favorites.

Step 5: Item Bid/Info

When you tap on Bid/Info for an item you can look at item details, view the bid history, buy now, and place a bid. To place a bid, you can select Fast Bid where the next available bid increment is placed for you or you can select Bid/Set Max and choose the amount you would like to bid.

Step 6: Confirm Bid Type

Once you have selected a bid, you have the option of which type you would like to place. A max bid will place the next available bid and continue to auto bid for you up to your max amount. A regular bid on the other hand places the bid you select without any auto bids in between. Max bid is great for “set it and forget it” style bidding where you don’t want to keep checking on how your bids are going.***Max Bidding may not be available at all events.

Step 7: Bid Complete

After a bid is submitted, a confirmation banner appears at the top of your screen. A successful bid shows green and gives you information on the status of your bid. An unsuccessful bid shows red and gives you information on the details of the unsuccessful bid.

That’s all there is to it. You can continue to browse items, check your bids and even make payments once the auction is complete. Below we have listed additional pages you may visit while using the bid app. If you have any questions about this process, please visit support table in main ball room.